Stream of consciousness 4

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“Hey guys, you know what day it is – Sexy Friday, Sexy Friday, Sexy Friday, SEXY FRIIDAY!!”

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1. This past week or so two facebook posts caught my attention. The first was A’s who shared in my primary school class facebook group.


and the other was by JPC, a schoolmate notorious for both good and bad deeds, with a notable one being him touching the posterior of an attractive music teacher.


In both cases, ostensibly the writers intended to convey a message addressing a larger point, but I just cannot help but feel that their intention has been marred by making the post more about themselves than the larger issue. Admittedly especially for the first post, perhaps my view has been clouded by my personal opinion of him, but I do think that there are still visible traces of this “making the post about me but disguising it as not”. But the second one is really fucking obvious. Unquestionably he has done a good deed by stepping in to stop an incident which he disagreed with, but I think it would be hard to argue that the most effective way of spreading the message of stopping sexual harrassment would be to share a post giving yourself a pat on the back for being a hero. (Perhaps his intention of doing so was that if he could do it then anyone can, but I would say that it is highly unlikely) It is my sincere belief that writers seeking to put forth a larger point should put themselves in the background and put the message and/or experiences of the victims in the foreground. If that is truly their intention. It pains me that self serving individuals capitalize on such opportunities for likes, and pains me even more that people seem to buy it. But maybe I am being cynical, as my teacher puts it. Regardless it is a good sign that articles like Ellie Taylor’s Topless Selfies and Chinese Takeaways are still being written. Thank you

2. Yesterday’s JB trip was quite fun. Dim Sum at Canton-I was quite horrible, special mentions go to the custard in the 流沙包 for being almost completely solid and inedible. The only acceptable (based on a restaurant dim sum standard) dishes seemed to be the 皮蛋瘦肉粥 which is always enjoyable when it is well seasoned and the stir fried beef kway teow. Ant man 2 was brilliant! (Review in another post after I watch Ant man 1) Quite a nice warm fuzzy feeling (I sound like the Grinch) when Rico (Interestingly the only name of a personal friend I have not made it more difficult to identify), Zea and the Wong brothers all really enjoyed the banana cake I bought (and delivered!) to them. It is quite weird though how Rico’s family don’t seem to have much planning when dividing food, the first time his sister didn’t get to eat it and the second time he didn’t get it. But the most amusing reaction was probably Zea texting me 5 minutes after she got the cake that it was all gone. And it hadn’t really crossed my mind until yesterday that being awake at 1am is quite a hassle especially for those who already start working. (I think this complete lack of organization is really in the style of Grace Helbig’s Stream of Consciousness videos, so that’s a good thing). And of course it’s always funny to watch Jon gorge himself on two plates of noodles at Ho Seng Kee (nothing in that place was my cup of tea). Also will there ever be a time when we visit City Square and NOT buy Lavender’s kaya and rum and raisin pastry?

3. Ok let’s with a more meaningful anecdote about the importance of employer-maid communication. Recently my paternal cousin Y had to sack her maid because she borrowed money from loansharks who went to harrass her. Of course the maid was at fault, but my cousin should have known communicated more. Anyway the main point of the story is how differently my maternal aunt M handled the situation. Her maid confided in her that she faced monetary issues because natural disasters (which villages the Philippines seems to be prone to) meant that her house needed to be rebuilt. And so she willingly lent the maid money, and deducted a portion of the loan from her monthly salary. In addition, she also helped the maid open an account to save $100 every month, so that she can bring back a significant amount of money for her children when she eventually returns home. Blind proponents of individual freedoms will argue about how the mandatory saving account takes away the maid’s liberty yada yada, but this looking out for others and wanting the best for them is the sort of  interpersonal relationship and management that I want to see and implement in future.

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Stream of consciousness 3

(The intro and ending of every stream of consciousness post will be a tribute to dailygrace)

It’s Wednesday here on Daily Grace and you know what that means –  Look at her go! reviewing, Reviewing, REVIEWING, someTHING, for YOUUU *ding*

Short reviews of movies I watched the day before
1. Cook Up a Storm
Didn’t really like it. Food scenes were not impressive, Even though Anthony Wong had that stage presence, the tension between his character and Nicholas Tse’s character was quite stale. Plot is unexciting, and the ending scene was rather similar to Final Recipe, another rather boring food movie, but I prefer the food scenes in that. What was most disappointing about Cook Up a Storm (whilst being careful not to fall into the trap of “How come you made the movie you made instead of the one I would have made?” as Bill Maher puts it) was that the exciting premise of how a Chinese 老字号 restaurant serving affordable food to the masses was going to compete with a high end European restaurant run by a three-starred chef was never fully developed, or even adequately explored, which is a real pity because that would have made the movie much more interesting. The only decent attempt at a comparison between the two types of cuisine was how Chinese food did not improve and stuck to years of tradition, while European food seemed to lack warmth (both literally and figuratively), and a resolution would have been nice, but was absent and the conflict unaddressed. When you consider that the movie actually had a very good starting point for this East-West conflict when Nicholas Tse’s character talked about how it was fine that some people liked escargots while others preferred the stir-fried chinese mystery snails when asked how was 七记 going to compete; it becomes more annoying that the movie doesn’t remotely reach the depths it promises.
2. I am Legend
Just not very enjoyable and boring. Also realized that I watched the alternate ending instead of the original one; don’t think it would have made a difference. I just don’t feel anything for Will Smith’s character, and even on hindsight that pause-for-thought moment when he stares at the photos of failed revivals and realizes that he might be considered a mass murderer instead of a hero does nothing for me. On this note of hindsight, I didn’t really enjoy the movie in the moment, nor in reflection.
3. Ratatouille
“ah but I am only a figment of your imagination” This thing of explicit self-awareness feels quite stale, but mainly because it has been used in quite a lot of movies. In any case, a decent movie with several points in the movie that you actually want to know how is this problem resolved e.g. entire staff walks out on Linguine, the chase scene, recreating the soup etc. I mentioned how Zootopia tied theme discussion and plot very seamlessly, and Ratatouille is a good example of how it so difficult to do that well. The critic’s speech was undeniably grand, poetic and well written, but it just lacks that integration into the movie. Just realized I have watched about 4 food movies (Cook up a Storm, Final RecipeRatatouille, Chef) and I can’t say that I have enjoyed any one exceptionally.

Buzzfeed “Worth It”
I really like the series, but the recent Peking Duck featured two chefs who explained what they were setting out to achieve. Both were very different, but still meaningful.
Chef Alan, Corner 28 NY “我们的价钱是,很便宜的那种。希望每一个人都能吃到北京鸭。就是因为小时候吃得不多,所以现在要开啊。开完以后我就是在想让每个人都能吃到北京烤鸭。”
Chef Lien Tang, Hwa Yuan Szechuan NY “Today Chinese food has changed a lot. I’m not saying change is not good, but I want people to be educated about what is really traditional Chinese food 40-50 years ago.”

Insightful Youtube Comment
Tristan Frodelius “No, no, no, no, no, no!!! Those first people are culinary prescriptivists with no actual appreciation for the complexity and nuance of food as a creative artform capable of so much more potential for ingenuity and variety than they think. They don’t love food; they love tradition. Listen to the other chefs. They know what they’re talking about. But don’t let it stop you from innovating. Know your basics. Like the guy who told you not to proof it in the fridge. That’s based in understanding of how the ingredients work. But you should use that knowledge to innovate. Don’t think tradition is superior to making what excites your senses the most.”

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Stream of Consciousness 2

(The intro and ending of every stream of consciousness post will be a tribute to dailygrace)

It’s Wednesday here on Daily Grace and you know what that means –  Look at her go! Reviewing, reviewing, REVIEWING, SOMETHING, for YOUUU *ding*

1. I think Power Girl (especially the JSA version) is quite a good feminist icon, assuming that a good feminist icon challenges gender stereotypes. Her confidence in her abilities borders on arrogance, she is commanding and displays strong leadership skills, and these traits are realistic given her powers. And to imbue a female with this trait is a nice contrast to the boy scout depiction of Superman. But perhaps because of how she is drawn (BOOBIES) feminists are not that keen on her and are more interested in criticizing her costume.

2. Two things (Reminds me of Basketmouth’s two things routine, RIP MWO Cheng) from RHLSTP –
Chris addison “it’s fine saying he/she is not my cup of tea, you don’t have to say he/she is fucking awful
Charlie Higson – “on their own catchphrases are not that funny, it’s just the continued repetition of it that builds up this community and audiences begin to eagerly anticipate it every week e.g. moon on a stick”

3. Nice bit by Lou Sanders about the absudity of humour – “Before this I used to be a business lady, then I quit because of the glass ceiling effect…which is the same reason I left the British museum. For that joke to work you have to know what a metaphor for a glass ceiling is, then you got to know that the British museum has got like the biggest glass ceiling…and then you got to think that it’s funny?

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Stream of Consciousness 1

(The intro and ending of every stream of consciousness post will be a tribute to Daily Grace)

It’s Thursday here on Daily Grace and you know what that means – Daily Grace is gonna teach you, how to, do, something! *ding*

  1. My youtube liked videos playlist was running, and I found it rather satisfying that a serious Sam Harris video about Milo Yiannopoulos and the formation of tribes was immediately followed by Grace Helbig’s night time routine. Which was the first Helbig video I showed CYX and he liked it
  2. NTSH and my cousin told me the exact same thing: men’s clothing are largely similar so the way to stand out is through your watch, wallet and shoes. Which I find pretty strange, since I think a person’s uniqueness is largely expressed by accomplishments and thoughts, neither of which are really captured through apparel and accessories
  3. When people attribute events in their lives to a supernatural being, aren’t they simply relieving themselves of responsibility for action and thought? This originally came from No Man’s Land, but it does seem that it is a good argument against those who choose faith over rationality.
  4.  张信哲 “每一首情歌最重要的一句是哪一句? 第一句”
  5. Lex Luthor “Do you know how much power I’d have to give up to be president?” I remember being rather enthralled when I first heard it on Justice League Animated, and today as I learn more about the society, there seems to be validity in this statement. Without the need to invoke conspiracy theories of the existence of the illuminati, politicians are still at the whims and mercy of those who control material resources

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