Real Time with Bill Maher S16E14

Two nice thinking points from this week’s Real Time with Bill Maher

1. “Movie reviews are not even reviews anymore, they are just ‘How come you made the movie you made instead of the one I would have made’?”

– Quite an interesting talking point really. This shall become an emergency question, what is the aim of a movie review? And where (or if it even should) does your opinion on how the film should have been made come in

2. “When will liberals learn that barking at nothing makes people not want to listen when you actually have something to say?”

– I certainly wouldn’t say it is a justification, but it does serve as quite a good explanation on why the conservatives and liberals have trouble communicating. Remember this video It certainly seems like a huge problem if the loudest voices representing your community/tribe are the irrational ones AND the perception of the community is based on these idiots.