Another RHLSTP RHLSTP! post (As my primary school teacher said of me, I have a real knack for being able to amuse myself). This time it is #156 with Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd, and Ed has a very incisive point about Brexit.

RH: You were remain, but now on your website I saw you saying we have to go through with Brexit.”
EM: Well I think people voted for it…
RH: But did they though, they voted for…they did a yes/no question but it didn’t say what that would involve, it didn’t say what that would mean, and so…
EM: Which goes back to your point about revolution. My constituency Doncaster north was 72% leave, top 5 or 6th highest in the country. And people didn’t just vote because of immigration or Europe and things they knew about; they voted because they wanted change. I’m afraid the terrible thing that Cameron did, was that he turned what was an issue that 15%-20% of the population cared about, which was Europe, into one that 75%-80% now feel attached to one side or the other. Remember this referendum? It was supposed to heal the divisions in the country. That didn’t work out.
RH: No
EM: And the trouble is, that the people who say it’s easy and you should just reverse it because people have been lied to about the NHS all that stuff – yes they were – but there is something deeper at the root of this and it was basically people saying “politics hasn’t taken any notice of us, politics hasn’t listened to us”. And if the response of politics is then to say “Now we are going to ignore you”, that is not a good thing.



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